hCG Diet for Fat Loss


hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and Calorie Restrictive Diet

Twenty-six and forty-three day, doctor approve, medically supervised programs available

  • Initial Evaluation(medical history, hormonal status, metabolic health, nutritional lifestyle habits, body fat percentage, blood work and other variables) by Dr. Weiss
  • Daily hCG Injections
  • Strict Supervised Diet Plan Measured for Success (medical food and natural food available)
  • Weekly Nutritional Counseling Sessions with a Health Educator or Support Staff
  • Weekly Bio-Impedance – Body Fat Analysis (Measurements every 6 Weeks)
  • Access to Health Educators During Normal Business Hours
  • ‘At Home But Not Alone’ Program – Weekly Phone Sessions
  • Appetite Suppressants (patients must qualify for appetite suppressants)
  • Medical Grade Nutritional Supplementation
  • Weekly B-Complex Injections available

History of hCG

A possible cure for obesity was discovered almost fifty years ago by a British medical doctor. This method of weight reduction, using a prescribed medication call hCG, was developed by Dr. A Simeon, M.D. and is based on the theory that there are three types of fat.
The first type is necessary fat supporting the kidneys, cushioning the arteries, etc. The second is the fat our bodies use for fuel which is localized all over the body.
The third type is surplus fat which accumulates in the typical areas around our waist, hips and thighs and cause obesity. Fat deposits of this kind can be addressed with hCG Diet for Fat Loss discovered by Dr. A Simeon.

What Is hCG?

hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone produced in large quantities during pregnancy to ensure proper nutrients to a developing baby. hCG is what triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as “food”. It is believed to reset your metabolism and to protect your body’s good fat and keep muscle tissue from breaking down (which occurs in other low calorie diets without the use of hCG).

How Does hCG work?

hCG is administered by injection in the abdomen to be rapidly absorbed by the body, allowing the patient to subsist more on their stored fat than on what they eat. It triggers the body to provide a constant flow of “food” received from the fat that your body is breaking down and using. Along with a caloric restrictive diet of 500 calories, this allows the body to burn most of it’s daily caloric intake from body fat stores instead of muscle, in theory burning 3500 to 4000 calories of stored fat and losing 1 to 2 pounds a day!


Purchases online and from international suppliers may be putting you in danger. Their product may be made from animal sources, not screened for HIV or Hepatitis C and may not be manufactured in a FDA licensed and/or FDA inspected facilities.


What are the Benefits of hCG?

  • Reshapes your body through the release of abnormal fat stores
  • Eliminates constant hunger and food cravings from a low caloric diet
  • Improves your energy, mood, strength and stamina
  • Normalizes metabolism and problem area fat reserves
  • Used and tested for over 50 years on over weight patients with great success