Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselling


Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

Commit to Lose

  • Initial Evaluation (medical history,hormonal status,metabolic health,nutritional lifestyle habits, body fat percentage, blood work and other variables) by Dr. Weiss
  • Weekly Nutritional Counseling Sessions
  • Weekly Bio-Impedance – Body Fat Analysis(Measurements every 6 Weeks)
  • Access to Health Educator
  • During Normal Business Hours
  • ‘At Home But Not Alone’ Program
  • Weekly Phone Sessions
  • Appetite Suppressants(patients must qualify for appetite suppressants)
  • Medical Grade Nutritional Supplementation
  • Weekly B-Complex Injections

After the initial diagnostic work is done, Dr. Weiss will place his patient on an intensive 12 week program. The purpose of this program is to begin the fat loss process while educating the patient about his or her body’s unique requirements for burning fat.

Dr. Weiss believes that long-term success is managing one’s weight hinges on patients being fully aware of the factors that create fat in their bodies. “My system isolates causes. The body is a subtle, many-faceted mechanism. The wrong ratio of carbohydrates to proteins to fat can cause some people to retain fat.”

“A slight deficit in thyroid hormone function, lack of exercise, the wrong nutrients – there are a host of variables that can result in fat retention. This means that a patient can be doing 95 percent of everything right with their bodies and still gain weight! That 5 percent error factor will knock them back into fat retention mode. Many of my patients are not big eaters; they are just doing something that makes their particular body type retain fat. My job is to isolate that behavior and direct them toward a solution.”

This is why I insist my patients undertake my program consciously, with a clear understanding of their body’s unique protocol for storing fat. When we start the weight loss process, we also start a learning process that puts the patient in control.

Twelve week metabolic makeover (Blood work and EKG may be required)with a Health Educator or Support Staff